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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Registration / Website

Q:Can I create another account (two or more accounts) ?
A:No. Each applicant should only have one account in our database. Therefore all information provided should be the correct ones. Applicant who intentionally makes more than one (1) account for the purpose to incorrectly manipulate this recruitment system will be subject to termination once such action is discovered before and or after employment.
Q:How can I apply for job in this recruitment website ?
A:You need to register by clicking link "Register now!", activate your account, and login to submit resume and application.
Q:Why do I not receive an activation email after registering ?
A:In some email servers, our activation email detected as SPAM. Please check email in SPAM / Bulk Mail / Junk Folder. If you could not find it, please make sure that you have successfully registered by registering again or contacting us at pheonwj@experd.com.
Q:How can I submit my resume/CV ?
A:After registering and login using your email and password, fulfilling the Application Form in "Resume" menu. Or go to "Personal CV" page to upload your personal CV. (don't forget to complete your details).
Q:How can I view my resume ?
A:After completing your resume, you can view your resume by clicking link "Preview Complete Resume" on left page.
Q:How do I know that my application is successful ?
A:For applying a position, please choose a position which suitable with your qualification in "Home" menu, and then click "Apply Position". If you are successful to apply, a notification email will be sent to you and your application status will indicate your applied position in your application status.
Q:What must I do if I have forgotten my password ?
A:Click link Forget your password. You will be requested to fulfill your registered email and your birth date. You may click the button "Send" after you finished. You will received an email that contains a link to change your password within 24 hours. If you didnt receive the email (please check in SPAM / Bulk Mail / Junk Folder also), you may contact us at pheonwj@experd.com.
Q:If my registered email is not longer available, how can I change my email account ?
A:To change your email account, you need to send an email request from your valid email and cc your registered email to pheonwj@experd.com.
Q:How to input D4 degree ?
A:In education background page, select S1 for degree field and write down your D4 information in remarks field.
Q:How I upload my photo without error ?
A:Please make sure that the file format and size is the same as requested (JPEG and no more than 100 KB). If you failed, you may try to use different browser that the one that has been used.
Q:I want upload my personal CV after applying a position but the system rejected. What should I do ?
A:Please make sure that the file format and size is the same as requested. If you failed, you may try to use different browser that the one that has been used. Your personal CV is mandatory, you may contact us by email to pheonwj@experd.com if you have failed for several times.
Q:How can I update my resume ?
A:After applying a position, you cannot make any changes to your application or online resume. If you have new information that necessary needed to be added in your resume, you may contact us by email to pheonwj@experd.com.
Q:Mistakenly I put the wrong information but my previous application has been saved/closed . How can I update my resume since there is no "Edit" button provided ?
A:You cannot edit your previous information you have entered before and so why you need to carefully enter your information. If you have entered wrong information (such as your name, GPA, birth date, ID number) after you saved it, you need to report it by sending email to: phwonwj@experd.com.
Q:My application status now is "Administration Screening ", and the system rejects when I try to apply for another position ?
A:You can apply for another position only when we're no longer processing your current application and when you have gone through 1 year waiting period from the last time you submitted your application.
Q:During respective year I have applied for TALENT MANAGEMENT position. Do I need apply for new position (newspaper, website and campuses) ?
A:No. we will review your application to TALENT MANAGEMENT position that has similar requirements on new posting.

2. Hiring Requirement

Q:Can I send my personal CV by email ?
A:No, you cannot. Only ONLINE application will be processed.
Q:Why I can not apply a job with message: "Your resume is not complete" ?
A:Please make sure you have filled all required information and upload your personal CV.
Q:Why I cannot apply for job with message: "Your resume is not match with this job" ?
A:Make sure you have applied the vacant position that match with your requirement.
Q:What TALENT MANAGEMENT open position means ?
A:TALENT MANAGEMENT is available open position posting in this recruitment website to attract interested applicant to apply a long the year. Once there is vacant position that match with your requirement, we will proceed your application.

3. Hiring Process

Q:What are the steps of this recruitment ?
A:This information can be found in menu "Application Status" after you login and applying for a position.
Q:Can I apply more than 1 position ?
A:You cannot apply for more than 1 position, therefore please make sure the position you applied for is suitable with your qualification.
Q:How can I know my application status ?
A:You can login and go to "Application Status " page.
Q:How can I request for rescheduling my psychological assessment ?
A:We could not reschedule the psychological assessment unless there is another schedule available in accordance with PHE ONWJ recruitment schedule but it is not as a guarantee, it will depend on schedule availability, class capacity and number of applicants to be tested.
Q:Will the company provide transportation and accommodation for applicant attending psychological assessment?
A:No. Any expenses incur in your part for psychological assessment are at your cost.
Q:I have applied a position and the application status is still Administration Screening, what does it mean? Do I still have a chance for that position ?
A:Administration screening means we have received your application and is reviewing your application. So that you still have a chance for that position until we update your status or when we closed your application (process closed).

4. Others

Q:Where can I ask more information about the website ?
A:If you need more information about this website or have other questions, you can contact us by email to pheonwj@experd.com.

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